Elevated Elegance: A 2-Storey Small House Design, 9.90m x 11.60m


In the dance between functionality and style, a 2-storey small house emerges as a testament to the art of compact living. Join us as we explore the intricacies of a thoughtfully designed dwelling, spanning 9.90m x 11.60m. Discover how this vertical haven redefines the possibilities of small-scale architecture with grace and elegance.

Maximizing Space on Two Levels:

Ground Floor (Approx. 57.54m²): The ground floor of this small house design is a showcase of efficient use of space. A welcoming entrance leads to an open concept living, dining, and kitchen area, promoting an interactive and communal atmosphere. Thoughtful storage solutions and strategic furniture placement ensure that every square meter serves a purpose, creating an expansive feel.

A Versatile Room: On the ground floor, a flexible room awaits, adaptable to various needs. Whether designated as a home office, a guest room, or a cozy den, this space caters to the dweller's lifestyle, adding versatility to the small house design.

Outdoor Connection: A seamless transition from the interior to the exterior is achieved with a well-designed outdoor area—a patio, garden, or deck. This space becomes an extension of the living areas, inviting residents to enjoy fresh air and al fresco moments.

Functional Kitchenette: The kitchenette, though compact, is a testament to modern design. Equipped with space-saving appliances, ample storage, and a stylish aesthetic, it stands as a practical yet elegant focal point.

Guest Bathroom: Convenience is key on the ground floor, with the inclusion of a guest bathroom. Designed with contemporary fixtures and a space-conscious layout, it complements the lifestyle of the modern dweller.

Ascending to Tranquility:

Second Floor (Approx. 54.81m²): As we ascend to the second floor, a haven of tranquility unfolds. The primary bedroom, with an en-suite bathroom, becomes a retreat for rest and rejuvenation. Large windows invite natural light, creating a serene ambiance, and efficient storage solutions maintain the uncluttered aesthetic.

Two Additional Bedrooms: Completing the second floor are two additional bedrooms, each designed with functionality and comfort in mind. These spaces can adapt to the changing needs of the dweller—a growing family, a home office, or a creative studio.

Architectural Harmony:

Exterior Aesthetics: The exterior of the 2-storey small house design is a testament to architectural harmony. Clean lines, a modern color palette, and well-appointed windows create a contemporary facade. The design is both welcoming and sophisticated, blending seamlessly with its surroundings.

Green Spaces and Landscaping: Surrounding the small house, green spaces and landscaping add a touch of nature. Whether in the form of a small garden or carefully placed foliage, these elements enhance the aesthetic appeal and contribute to a balanced living environment.


In the realm of small-scale architecture, this 2-storey small house design, spanning 9.90m x 11.60m, demonstrates that elegance and functionality need not be sacrificed on a smaller scale. From the efficient use of space on both levels to the outdoor connection and architectural aesthetics, every element is a testament to the idea that a small footprint can indeed house a grand and sophisticated lifestyle. As we explore the possibilities of compact living, this dwelling invites us to embrace the vertical canvas and reimagine the potential of small-scale architecture with grace and ingenuity.

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